Blueprint Harmonizer Mini MaGravS Wireless in english

The Scientific Association Plasma Romania offers the opportunity to all the knowledge seekers who understand english to participate at the „Blueprint Harmonizer Mini MaGravS wireless” public presentation live on Zoom, where there will be made available the methods of making and use the new wireless „Harmonizer Mini MaGravS wireless” source. This will take place on friday, the January 12, between 19.00 and 21.00 CEST.

This presentation represents an activity within the „Universal Plasma Fest 2024” which takes place simultaneously all over the planet between the 1st of january and the 31st of december.

Access to the presentation of the construction and use manual „Harmonizer Mini MaGravS wireless” is made in exchange for a donation at free choise offered from the heart.
Registration can be done at the e-mail address: with the subject „English”.

The topics of the „Blueprint Harmonizer Mini MaGravS wireless” presentation are:

֍ Methods of making nanomaterials;
֍ Production of the Ga.N.S.;
֍ Harmonizer Mini MaGravS wireless Manual;
֍ Methods of use in the field of Health, Food, Agriculture and Environment.

The beneficial effects we follow are:

● Direct connections with the divinity without intermediaries;
● Plasma grounding and contact with Mother Earth;
● Emotional-spiritual balancing of family members;
● Reducing the stress level of colleagues at work;
● Reduction of daily food;
● Energizing the cells and increasing the zest for life;
● Acceleration of treatment processing;
● Improved ability to concentrate during spiritual practices;
● Reduction of pain in the physical body;
● Development of latent skills;
● Restful sleep and memorizing dreams;
● Stable subtle connections with other entities;
● Balancing the interior atmosphere in the home;

The Harmonizer Mini MaGravS wireless source is a receiver of the plasma fields that come from the Magravs Independent Wireless Generator Antenna, which has a global coverage.

We are in a transition phase, moving away from the use of destructive energy sources in favor of the use of non-destructive energy sources with plasma. During this developmental and transitional phase of learning, we combine the existing humanities knowledge of energy, which is used to run our machines, with that of the relatively new knowledge of plasma technology. The creation of MaGravS power units, for example, helps humanity take a very big first step in understanding Plasma in the application of energy.
The gravitational magnetic fields of the plasma always seek balance in any condition.

Many thanks to the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute for the knowledge offered to mankind.

Thank you for trusting us, Scientific Association Plasma Romania.

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