First Plasma Lab in Beirut

Scientific Association Plasma România are happy to invite you in the Republic of Lebanon to meet the plasma science and Keshe space technology in 6 of April 2023 from 11.00 CEST at the first plasma laboratory from Beirut, where we create a practical workshop in collaboration with Otralerz NGO (facebook group).

Time schedule:
• Introductory notes from Keshe plasma science;
• Methods of making nano materials;
• Methods of making Ga.N.S.;
• The benefits of GA.N.S. in Health;
• Energy supply with plasma;
• Presentation of testimonials and experiences;
• Presentation of innovations;
• Collaboration proposals;

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 829 5650 3965
Passcode: 037816

Our body is a collection of millions of dynamic magnetic fields that come together and interact to form a plasma that we define as the human body. Amino acids, proteins, muscles, bones, skin, blood are different assets of MaGrav Fields (magnetic and gravitational fields) individual plasmas that combine to create the body.

With this new understanding, we begin to learn that disease in the body is simply an imbalance in the MaGrav fields, regardless of whether it is the liver, heart or brain. Using Field Science we are able to process the body using different devices that the Keshe Foundation has developed. This technology allows us to create Magrav field environments around the body. The body is then able to take what it needs from this environment and restore itself in a balanced state.

By learning to create your own Nano and Ga.N.S. materials, you now have the tools and opportunity to process your own body back to optimal health.

Thank you for your support!

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